Industrial Scrap Recycling Pick-Up Form
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Note: Albert Brothers is committed to providing the best customer service to all of our customers. Please note, we typically require a 48-hour window to complete your service request, unless otherwise requested and agreed upon. Thank you for being an Albert Brothers customer, we greatly appreciate your business.

Instructions Guide:

  1. Please fill in the Customer Information section as shown in the appropriate box fields before submitting online.
  2. Please include normal business hours of operation during the week and weekend, if applicable, in the box field for Company Hours of Operation.
  3. In the Service Type Requested section, please check the box corresponding to your type of service request i.e. a swap-out, a drop-off only, or a pickup only.
  4. In the Equipment Type section, please confirm the quantities of equipment types requested.
  5. Please provide any additional instructions regarding the service request in the Detailed Instructions section.
  6. Once the Dispatch Request Form is completed, input the code, and click the send button at the bottom of the form. This will email to dispatch@albertbros.com