Albert Bros., Inc History of Recycling Metal


Nathan and Lewis Albert arrived in Waterbury, CT from Lithuania.


The Albert brothers began their own scrap yard.


The Company moved to Judd Street in downtown Waterbury to a 5,000-sf building on 2 acres of land.


Sidney, Nathan’s oldest son, entered the family business.


Sidney’s son, Burt, entered the family business and devoted his energy toward expanding the processing of industrial scrap.


The Company moved to 225 East Aurora Street in 1971, and shortly after relocating increased the size of the building by 30%.

181 E. Aurora Albert Bros


The Company acquired 181 East Aurora Street, approximately 45,000 SF to further expand its interior non-ferrous processing space and ferrous metal processing yard.


Eric, Burt’s older son, joined the family business and Jonathan, Burt’s younger son, followed 5 years later.


The Company acquired the former Waterbury Rolling Mills property at 240 East Aurora Street to expand its interior non-ferrous processing SF to approximately 200,000 SF on 21 acres.


Jake, Jonathan’s son, joined the family business as the fifth generation of Alberts in the business.


The Company expanded its processing operations into an additional 10 acre, 130,000 sf facility across the street on East Aurora Street.


When Nathan and Lewis Albert first came to Waterbury in 1891 and started their own scrap metal yard in 1895, they probably never thought Albert Bros., Inc. would grow to become one of the country’s premier metal processing and recycling businesses. As Waterbury became more industrialized over the years, the company thrived. Albert Bros. proudly celebrates 127 years in business. Albert Brothers is a family owned business, built on tradition, and has been for generations. Nathan’s oldest son, Sidney, joined the business in 1919. He became president of Albert Bros. in 1929. Sidney’s oldest son Burt, entered the business in 1958. The company expanded and moved to its present location on East Aurora Street in 1971. It was in the 1980s when Eric and Jonathan joined the company. Burt had the opportunity to witness his then 26-year old grandson, Jake, join the family business a month before he passed away in May of 2019. Jake begins the fifth generation in the Albert family to continue the tradition.

For 127 years, Albert Bros. has continued to build on and maintain a significant local, regional, and international reputation. However, the manner in which we conduct business has remained constant. Our core values haven’t changed – honesty, integrity, safety, respect, financial stability, professionalism, environmental stewardship, and community involvement have always been the cornerstones of our success. We are vested in our community both as a company and with personal involvement. We are committed to servicing the community we live in, and we will continue to do so by volunteering and supporting the local and national organizations that improve the quality of our region.

The metal-recycling sector as a whole is facing headwinds, but the company remains bullish about its future. Metal recycling is here to stay and the company is passionate about its role in helping to conserve resources for future generations while making its communities better places to live and work in. We believe that the heightened awareness of the energy savings of using recycled metals in the production of new products and the positive environmental impact it has are the keys to future market growth. We are confident the company will continue to evolve to meet any new developments.

Today, Albert Bros. employs approximately 65 full- time team members, some of whom have worked at the company for decades, providing both suppliers and consumers with the industry’s most professional service and quality products tailored to their needs. Eric, Jonathan, and Jake Albert acknowledge the key to our longterm success is treating everyone like family, including employees and customers. We value our relationships with our team members, their families, and our customers. These relationships have been built on mutual trust and respect for one another.

Albert Bros. looks forward to operating a successful family business in Waterbury for at least an additional 127 years.

Albert Bros. serves manufacturers around the country and provides high quality scrap metal materials to customers around the world.

We’ve come a long way from our humble roots in 1895, peddling and trading scrap through the CT countryside, but our approach to business and our core values have always been the same. Today, Albert Bros. serves manufacturers around the country and provides high quality scrap metal materials to customers around the world. Our commitment to innovation, maintaining a safe and respectful workplace for our team members, treating our customers with honesty and integrity, and supporting our local community has made us a leader in the industry.

Provide the highest level of customer service available

Commit to fair market pricing and prompt payment

Continue to seek ways to provide cost savings, which we can pass along to our customers

Adhere to the highest standards of integrity

Adhere to the highest standards of safety

Adhere to the highest standards of environmental compliance



Honors the customer experience and builds on Albert Bros.’ legacy of exceptional service and product quality, through appreciation and dedication to exceed expectations and requirements of external and internal customers at every touch point.


Supports diversity, openness and trust by taking ownership of responsibilities with a ‘can-do’ attitude and good will; delivers on promises, helps others succeed, and celebrates team and company achievements.


Takes responsibility for personal safety and the safety of others above all else, while contributing to Albert Bros.’ mission to protect and enhance the environment for future generations through sound environmental management, and continuous training and education.


Builds trust by always striving to do the right thing, takes responsibility for actions, respectfully communicates directly and honestly, and promotes company values at all times, raising concerns to company leadership if there is ever pressure to do anything inconsistent with company values or policies.


Protects and nurtures the Albert Bros.’ reputation and experience every day through consistently advocating Albert Bros.’ values and mission, and representing Albert Bros.’ unwavering commitment to continuous improvement with fellow employees, leadership and the community to build a better and stronger company for the future.

Albert Bros, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our team members, our customers, and our community. We operate our business in an environmentally responsible manner that protects human health, natural resources, and the environment. As members of the Institute of Scrap Recycling, Inc. (ISRI), we have signed on to the “Safe Workplace Pledge” which states simply – “SAFELY OR NOT AT ALL”.

We adhere to the highest standards of environmental compliance, integrity, and ethical conduct. Albert Bros. has been honored by both the State of Connecticut and its insurance company for its leadership in controlling risk and creating a safe and healthy workplace.

We have spent the last 125 years building, and maintaining, a reputation in the industry and throughout our community that we can all be proud of. We are constantly evaluating and expanding our services to meet our customer’s current needs. We remain incredibly optimistic about our future, and we look forward to operating a successful family business in Waterbury for another 125 years as we embark on our 5th generation. If you have any questions about how we could help you achieve your goals, please call us for additional information.